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Our Mission

To provide a high-quality education that fosters excellence in academic learning, establishes strong character and self-esteem, and develops attitudes and skills essential for life success.


Where Children Love to Learn

At Kinder Prep Academy in Las Vegas...

...students discover success is rewarding, and achievement is fun – and they learn both are within their reach!

We help children become better learners by the strength of their own learning rather than from peer pressures or common sentiment. It is our goal that children understand that happiness does not come from superficial sources – it comes from honest, first-hand accomplishment.

We care about our youngest of learners to our oldest of students. We provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment in which all of our students are able to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

We teach our students about freedom – the freedom of choice and movement, and that each person has fundamental rights. We encourage academic risk taking and teach students how to handle making mistakes or being wrong. Students learn to respect people and the property of others.

Our students learn how honesty, integrity and independence relate, and that with these traits they achieve true self-esteem.

Our students discover success is rewarding, and achievement is fun – and they learn both are within their reach.

Our Campus

Kinder Prep Academy's campus is amost 10,000 square feet and has 8 classrooms with closed-circuit video monitering, large playground with custom jungle gym, age specific toys, books, technology, and more for all of our students 6 weeks old through Pre-K.